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Mata Baniya Devi temple also known as "Van Durga or Dus Bhuja" dedicated to the Goddess Maha Kali. The temple lies in dense forest, so the temple also known as Van Durga or Baniya Devi in locals. Maa Baniya Devi mandir located on Arki - Bhararighat road, near Bakhalag. It is 10 KM away from the Arki. Maa Baniya Devi mandir is very famous and has numerous devotees thronging it on many religious occasions. Small red flags decorate the temple then, and women outnumber men among the devotees. Folklore is replete with tales of the Maa Baniya Devi temple, so much so that one does not know where legend ends and history begins.
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Date: 26-June-2015 | Tags: wallpaper, baniya, Devi, van durga, Goddess | Added by: Manu
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