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    Ong SoHung Mantra / Meditation - Forum

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    Forum » Main » Vedic mantras/ chants / Chakra / Kundalini Yoga » Ong SoHung Mantra / Meditation
    Ong SoHung Mantra / Meditation
    ManuDate: Thursday, 08-March-2018, 1:48 PM | Message # 1
    --dragon lord--
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    This mantra, Ong SoHung, literally means: God’s Creative Power I Am That, which I translate as “I am the Creative Power of this Universe”. As living creatures we have been gifted with consciousness, creative power and the power of love, amongst many other things. These 3 gifts can be developed and grow immensely, for our great fortune. The chanting of this mantra will just do that. The Technique: Chanting Ong Sohung on one long exhalation will impart a deep rhythm pattern to your breathing. This pattern, along with the specific sound produced, will create a specific frequency called Naad that shares many resonances / harmonics with the frequency holding this Universe together. Chanting in such way is called Naad Yoga . This breathing pattern along with the monotonous repetition of the mantra creates harmonious and regular ripples that will soon merge with the same cosmic ripples that carry light and consciousness all over the Universe. Chanting is not the same as singing. It’s not a performance and one can practice it without specific musical talent. The sound in chanting is focused on vibrating specific chakras. It’s more internal and doesn’t need to be projected outward much. It’s a vibration that you create within yourself until it merges / resonates / synchronizes with this specific frequency / subtle sound in which the cosmos bathes. This is where the separation between you and the outside world disappears. When chanting “Ong”, project and vibrate the sound at the root of the nose, sinus area (below and above your eyes) while focusing your eyes upward between your eyebrows. Stretch your lips out, forming a nice “O” shape. That will increase the volume of your sinus area so more air can reach and vibrate there (like a guitar with a large body that will resonate more than one with a small body). If you find it difficult to keep the breath going until the end of the mantra, know that the lungs’ capacity increases relatively quickly with pranayama and yoga exercises. If you are unsure, ask you teacher what to do to achieve that result quickly. In the meantime, you can take a shorter inhalation to get the feel of the experience, although the full effect will not be achieved as yet. Applying the Mulbandh during the mantra will also help you to keep the breath going longer. Release the Mulbandh at the end of the mantra when you inhale and apply it again on the next “Ong” repetition. On the “Hung”, feel the vibration / sound coming out of your chest, like a soft breeze massaging your heart center. May Guru bless you with the love of Naad Yoga. Siri Shabad Singh September 22nd 2016

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    Forum » Main » Vedic mantras/ chants / Chakra / Kundalini Yoga » Ong SoHung Mantra / Meditation
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