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Monday, 27-June-2022

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    Earth has a 'pulse' of 27.5 million years - Forum

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    Forum » Main » Science, Astronomy, Nature » Earth has a 'pulse' of 27.5 million years
    Earth has a 'pulse' of 27.5 million years
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    (Image credit: Shutterstock)

    By Yasemin Saplakoglu - Staff Writer

    Our planet's geological heart beats at a rhythmic pace.

    Most major geological events in Earth's recent history have clustered in 27.5-million-year intervals — a pattern that scientists are now calling the "pulse of the Earth," according to a new study.

    Over the past 260 million years, dozens of major geological events, from sea level changes to volcanic eruptions, seem to follow this rhythmic pattern.

    "For quite a long time, some geologists have wondered whether there's a cycle of around 30 million years in the geologic record," said lead author Michael Rampino, a professor in the departments of biology and environmental studies at New York University. But until recently, poor dating of such events made the phenomenon difficult to study quantitatively.

    "Many, but maybe even most, [geologists] would say that geological events are largely random," Rampino told Live Science. In the new study, Rampino and his team conducted a quantitative analysis to see if they were indeed random or if there was an underlying pattern.

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    Forum » Main » Science, Astronomy, Nature » Earth has a 'pulse' of 27.5 million years
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