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    AC/DC - Shake Your Foundation
    ManuDate: Sunday, 19-August-2018, 8:54 AM | Message # 1
    --dragon lord--
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    Published on Jun 1, 2009

    AC/DC - Shake Your Foundation from the Fly On The Wall album.

    You gotta see me leanin' on the bar

    I got my head in a whiskey jar [jug ?]

    Feelin' good 'cos the city's alive

    I'm gettin' ready to rock and jive

    I get up and I slide across the floor

    You wanna come and I'll meet you at the door

    No one can stop us 'cos we're feelin' too right

    We're gonna steal our way around tonight

    (Alright, alright)


    Aye, aye, oh, shake your foundations

    Aye, aye, oh, shake it to the floor

    Aye, aye, oh, shake your foundations

    Aye, aye, oh, shake it

    I was takin' no liberties

    She's gettin' hotter off the heat on me

    I was oilin', she was slick

    Lickin' off the sweat, her favorite trick

    She cried help me, help me, please

    Tame this animal, help me to breathe

    I said no, no way

    You gotta come with me all of the way

    (OK, I'll play)




    We had the night, we had the time

    She had the sugar and I had the wine

    Took my hand, shook me to the core

    Told her not to touch, but she was coming back for more

    (You know what for)

    Aye, aye, aye, aye

    Forum » Main » METAL » AC/DC - Shake Your Foundation
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