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    A. R. Rahman, "Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera" (Swades): Berklee Indian - Forum

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    Forum » Main » devotional chants / spiritual - music » A. R. Rahman, "Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera" (Swades): Berklee Indian
    A. R. Rahman, "Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera" (Swades): Berklee Indian
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    A. R. Rahman, "Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera" (Swades): Berklee Indian Ensemble and Berklee World String

    A. R. Rahman is an Indian composer, singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and philanthropist, known for redefining contemporary Indian film music, and putting Indian music on the global map, in a way that no other Indian composer/performer has achieved.

    On October 24, 2014, Berklee College of Music conferred A. R. Rahman with an honorary doctor of music degree. Berklee faculty and students paid tribute to the living legend, who joined them on select pieces in a concert celebrating his music and life at Boston's Symphony Hall.

    Mr. Rahman's visit was a signature event under Berklee India Exchange, a new initiative co-founded by two Indian Berklee alums, Annette Philip (artistic director), and Clint Valladares (artist relations and strategy), as a platform for cultural conversation, through the composition, collaboration, and performance of original Indian music. Proceeds from the concert went towards a scholarship fund in Mr. Rahman's name for students from India to attend Berklee.

    Berklee Indian Ensemble and Berklee World Strings
    with special guest, A.R. Rahman

    "Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera" (A.R. Rahman)
    From the film Swades

    Annette Philip: Arranger/Producer, Director - Berklee Indian Ensemble
    Eugene Friesen: Conductor, Director - Berklee World Strings
    Matthew Nicholl: String arrangements, Chair - Contemporary Writing and Production

    Vocal Soloists
    Shilpa Ananth, Kerala, India
    Dhruv Goel, Lucknow, India
    Rohith Santosh Jayaraman, San Jose, CA
    Harini Srinivasa Raghavan, Chennai, India

    Berklee Indian Ensemble Choir
    Shilpa Ananth, Kerala, India
    Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, New Delhi, India
    Dhruv Goel, Lucknow, India
    Vasundhara Gupta, Kolkata, India
    Rohith Santosh Jayaraman, San Jose, CA
    Harshitha Krishnan, Chennai, India
    Nalini Krishnan, Seattle, Washington
    Joakim Molander, Sørum, Norway
    Armeen Musa, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Kanika Patawari, Antwerp, Belgium
    Annette Philip, Kerala, India
    Purvaa Sampath, Bangalore, India
    Ishita Sinha: Patna, India
    Harini Srinivasa Raghavan, Chennai, India
    Aseem Suri, New Delhi, India
    Adriel Tjokrosaputro, Surakarta, Indonesia
    Sanchitha Wickremesooriya, Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Berklee Indian Ensemble Instrumentalists
    Annette Philip: piano, Kerala, India
    Cheng Lu: keyboard, Beijing, China
    Yazhi Guo: suona, Hong Kong, China
    Sashank Navaladi: sarod, New Delhi, India
    Fares Btoush: oud, Amman, Jordan
    Aleif Hamdan: electric guitar, Jakarta, Indonesia
    Shubh Saran: electric guitar, New Delhi, India
    Achal Murthy: bass, Strassen, Luxembourg
    Kaushlesh Purohit: udu drum, tabla, Jodhpur, India
    Ranajoy Das: drumset, New Delhi, India
    Negah Santos: percussion, Sao Paolo, Brazil
    Patrick Simard: octopad, percussion, Ottowa, Canada
    Daniel Gonzalez: electronic drum sound design, Mexico City, Mexico

    Berklee World Strings
    Eugene Friesen, conductor, Los Angeles, CA
    Na Young Baik, Violin I, Seoul, South Korea
    Carlos Felipa Silva, Violin I, Caracas, Venezuela
    Sumaia Martins, Violin I, Santa Cruz, CA
    Yeji Yoon, Violin I, Seoul, South Korea
    Stefano Melillo Melendez, Violin I, Caracas, Venezuela
    Sarah Hubbard, Violin I, Wedtfield, MA

    Elise Boeur, Violin II, Vancouver, Canada
    Adrianna Ciccone, Violin II, Timmins, Canada
    Sadie E. Currey, Violin II, Columbia, MO
    Carolyn Kendrick, Violin II, Stockton, CA
    Rosy Timms, Violin II, Adelaide, Australia
    Tsung-Yuan Lee, Violin II, Taipei, Taiwan

    Max Wolpert, Viola, Crookston, MN
    John Smith, Viola, Augusta, GA
    Brendan Klippel, Viola, Queensbury, NY
    Gerson Eguiguren Martinez, Viola, Quito, Ecuador

    Marta Roma, Cello, Cantonigros, Spain
    Adrian Zemor, Cello, New York City, NY
    Keizo Yoshioka, Cello, Hopedale, MA
    Steph Dye, Cello, St. Louis, MO

    Nathaniel Sabat, Double bass, New York, NY
    Victor Manuel Gonzalez Quezada: Double bass, Rancagua, Chile

    Allegra Cramer, Harp, Gold Coast, Australia

    Recorded live at Berklee College of Music Studios: Shames Family Scoring Stage (Studio 1) and The Ark (Studio 2)
    Alejandro Rodriguez: recording engineer
    Simon Katz: assistant recording engineer, mixing engineer
    Matthew Larson: assistant engineer
    Taylor Marvin: assistant engineer
    McKain Webb-Lakey: assistant

    Teo Karakolev: videographer, editor
    Kevin Greene: videographer
    Sam Harchik: videographer
    Jonathan Williams: additional footage

    Mastered by M Works Studios
    Jonathan Wyner: engineer

    Berklee India Exchange Co Founders
    Clint Valladares and Annette Philip

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