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    Forum » untoten.reich » Spirituality/Vedic History/Forbidden Knowledge » Avadhuta Gita
    Avadhuta Gita
    dethalternateDate: Saturday, 07-January-2012, 0:57 AM | Message # 1
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    Avadhut Gita is An Ancient Vedanta Text of extreme Advaita attributed to Lord Dattatreya.

    The word 'Avadhut' means the Liberated One or Buddha.
    A Soul who has gone beyond the worldly attachments.

    Avadhuta-Gita contains the Songs of Lord Dattatreya, a self-realized "Avadhuta"


    Dattareya-Avadhuta-Gita-trans-by-Hari-Prasad. (PDF)

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    ManuDate: Saturday, 30-June-2012, 6:15 PM | Message # 2
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    Avadhuta is a Sanskrit term from the Dharmic Tradition arising in and around India referring to a somewhat eccentric type of mystic who is beyond egoic - consciousness, duality and worldly concerns and acts without consideration for standard social etiquette. Such personalities are considered to be free from the consciousness of the ego and to 'roam free like a child' upon the face of the Earth . An avadhuta does not identify with their mind or body or 'names and forms'. Such a person is held to be pure 'consciousness' in human form.

    Avadhuta Gita is a Sanatana Dharma text based on the principles of Advaita Vedanta. The singer of the Avadhuta Gita is Dattatreya , an Avadhuta

    Chapter One
    Truly, it is by the grace of God
    That the knowledge of Unity arises within.
    Then a man is released at last
    From the great fear of life and death.
    All that exists in this world of forms
    Is nothing but the Self, and the Self alone.
    How, then, shall the Infinite worship Itself?
    Shiva is one undivided Whole!
    The five subtle elements that combine to compose
    this world
    Are as illusory as the water in a desert mirage;
    To whom, then, shall I bow my head?
    I, myself, am the stainless One!
    Truly, all this universe is only my Self;
    It is neither divided nor undivided.
    How can I even assert that it exists?
    I can only view it with wonder and awe!

    Avadhuta Gita - Why do you run ? - Dharmic tradition meets Digital Mandalarsen // Ultimaya 2010 // Avadhuta Gita song // Spoken by Mooji // Digital Mandalarsen by Ultimaya // Illusion in Illusion series //

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    ULTIMAYA 2010 feat Mooji The Witness Sound santi Bulu // Video Nataraja Liquid shakti // Never Nor Looped Laboratory...Spoken Words by Mooji
    Witness the witness // Om tat sat

    Added (07-January-2012, 0:57 AM)
    The play of Maya

    Ultimaya 2009
    Sound : Santi Bulu // Video Feedback : Nataraja, // Spoken words from Satsang with Mooji // Edition Liquid Shakti

    website -

    Forum » untoten.reich » Spirituality/Vedic History/Forbidden Knowledge » Avadhuta Gita
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