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    Call Of Cthulhu - Dark Corners Of The Earth - Forum

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    Forum » General » PC games reviews / videos » Call Of Cthulhu - Dark Corners Of The Earth (Call Of Cthulhu)
    Call Of Cthulhu - Dark Corners Of The Earth
    darkDate: Friday, 19-March-2010, 11:31 AM | Message # 1
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    Call Of Cthulhu devilboyd

    A thick, unsettling atmosphere fills this ambitious first-person action adventure, which makes up for some frustrating moments and dated graphics with plenty of chills, variety, and originality. darkva

    You play as Jack Walters, a private investigator with a history of mental instability. But he's fine now, honest. Jack is trying to get his life and his career back on track, but he just can't seem to remember a six-year period from his past. Soon after the opening of the game, a missing-persons case takes Jack's attention away from his own predicament. He finds himself in the quiet port of Innsmouth, a little-known shantytown with a rather standoffish populace. It's a dismal place on first impression, filled with rundown buildings and thuggish residents who gurgle veiled threats in response to Jack's inquiries dwarf

    The stealth portions are pretty good, too, especially because the game never flat-out forces you to be stealthy--it's just a means to an end, useful for avoiding combat (such as when you're unarmed) or getting the drop on your enemies. But if you're spotted, you can always fight...or run. Later in the game, you'll get to perform some highly gratifying stealth kills by plunging a knife into the backs of unaware opponents, who totally deserve it, by the way.

    Call of Cthulhu is one of the first games to date to succeed at presenting a completely clutter-free first-person viewpoint.Call of Cthulhu also features heavy adventure elements, in the form of exploration and puzzle-solving. A couple of puzzles involve pattern recognition while others simply require you to use the right inventory objects in the right places. The puzzles aren't very difficult, but when combined with the game's rather large and complex environments
    Call of Cthulhu has a lot of great moments in it, actually. You view the action through Jack's eyes practically the whole way through..Nevertheless, Call of Cthulhu is much more convincing than many other first-person games in how it makes you feel as though you're really there in the environments getreadythrash

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    Forum » General » PC games reviews / videos » Call Of Cthulhu - Dark Corners Of The Earth (Call Of Cthulhu)
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