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    archmageDate: Saturday, 02-June-2012, 3:47 PM | Message # 1
    -- dragon lord--
    Group: lords
    Messages: 3152
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    Country: France
    Location: Paris, Île-de-France
    Year of creation: 2001
    Genre: Funeral Doom Metal
    Lyrical themes: Origin of mankind

    Monolithe - Monolithe I

    The wider is connected to the smaller
    All is one and one is all

    Maelstrom of connecting elements
    Embracing absolute nothingness
    Melting into useless stripes,
    Moving to nowhere with purposeless destination

    Through time and space

    In brotherhood with an abstract presence
    In a sphere of absurd vacuum

    It has always been a deep black hole
    Without meaning for the ones who were once put there
    Trying to find an aim to all this
    In presence of an alien reflection they progressed
    Unconscious of a cosmic plan
    Distant from uncountable centuries away
    And the time had come...

    There was just nothing and then it was there
    Then darkness disappeared...

    Far from the random shapes of nature
    Beyond the bounded knowledge of men

    Shining in a morning sun,
    It was standing, beautiful

    An artefact raised at the horizon of Earth

    A sense and a purpose to the being
    From beyond the infinite and further

    A non understandable communication
    Messenger of what was once,
    Still is and will ever be

    Past and future at the lowest point of the scale
    A sign of the watchers, kindly looking to their herds

    Waiting to be reached, a clue from above,
    A mean of colonisation through the aeons

    Through the aeons...

    Self confident intelligent species,
    Used like flock, raised to thoughts and civilization
    For an unreachable and inexorable goal
    Nothing was random, a beast known as mankind
    Evolution through ageless times

    A monolith as message
    For the sake of what?


    Monolithe - Monolithe II

    As it grows through the ages,
    Subconsciously playing against itself
    Until the scale has balanced to
    The back of the wrong side
    It slowly leaves its small cage for a bigger one

    Everything was so planned

    Step by step the sewage of its omnipresence streams
    A rigid natural order to a swirling chaos

    This friendly evening light is no more...
    The contaminated cradle has been left further behind

    Spectrums of time are filled with this sick presence
    As the bounds of space are now violently forced

    Fleeing from its own destruction
    Through this endless darkness
    It leads The Core to a predictable perdition
    Until The Plan spreads its web
    Around the regathered four dimensions

    It was a wrong choice if there was any other
    Observation and guidance for and from aeons,
    Where a single quark's journey didn't yet get to an end

    Over the threshold of the Monolith
    Where knowledge equals ignorance
    Where everything once belonged
    Where time is forever...
    Where even nothingness has no shape

    Existence could have another meaning now
    It would anyway all end the same,
    The edges are close, mouth open to swallow it all
    A sole drapery seeds the desolate fields of the bounds

    Floating weak on the alien rock, no possible focus
    Standing, beautiful in a morning sun
    It was the meaning of everything...

    The road of the neo-exodus has been sculpted there
    In stone of dark colours by foreign hands
    Forum » untoten.reich » METAL » Monolithe
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