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    MechCommander Gold and II
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    MechCommanderTM is a new real-time action strategy game of tactical combat and resource management set in the stunningly detailed BattleTech® universe. The player assumes the role of a MechCommander, in command of a growingunit of MechWarriors® and their assigned 'Mechs®.

    The goal is to retake the planet Port Arthur from the technologically superior Smoke Jaguar Clan. Players manage supplies, repair, upgrade, and organize the entire 'Mech unit. The user interface can be customized offering the player limitless command options, allowing for a unique view into the BattleTech universe.

    Up to 24 'Mechs are involved in combat during 30 in-depth missions. Players select from 18 different chassis and custom armament.

    * Command an Entire Company of MechWarriors - Players direct up to 12 individual 'Mechs as they strategically assault dozens introxof enemy 'Mechs, Elementals, and Armored Vehicles.
    * Each MechWarrior has its own identity, including various skills and combat instincts that improve over time under the players' influence.
    * Evolving Campaign - Evolving background campaign continues over time, providing a choice of player missions, a sense of urgency and the feeling of being involved in large unit action.
    * Multi-Player Options - Multiplayer capabilities include local area network and modem options.
    * BattleTech Universe - MechCommander is a part of the BattleTech universe, which has a rich, unparalleled depth of story, integrity and over 15 years of development.

    website -

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    Forum » Main » Free games » MechCommander Gold and II (RTS)
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