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    Fish, jesus,krishna, pope hat, vatican, shiva - Forum

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    Forum » untoten.reich » Spirituality/Vedic History/Forbidden Knowledge - TRUTH/FACTS » Fish, jesus,krishna, pope hat, vatican, shiva (how truth was manipulated to discredit the source)
    Fish, jesus,krishna, pope hat, vatican, shiva
    undeadDate: Tuesday, 11-August-2015, 5:17 PM | Message # 1
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    there are lots of similarities between Jesus and Krishna still they were not the same person.. but different prophets/avatars/messiah/humans or whatever you wanna call, of God Vishnu/or whatever you wanna call ..

    one thing is for sure that the religion or faith or whatever they preached was actually same..
    anyways derive your own conclusions ----->

    God Vishnu, who is the preserver and takes birth on earth from time to time as per vedic,

    why fish? Matsya the Fish appeared in the Satya Yuga and represents beginning of life.
    The first avatar of vishnu was a fish "Matsya"

    This fish story is mentioned in many religions/cultures etc....

    At the beginning of the book of John in the New Testament, it states, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” This is actually a verbatim translation of the Vedic Sanskrit mantra: “Prajapatirvai idamagraasit, tasya vag dvitiyaa asit, vag vai paramam Brahma.”


    The Christian doctrine of the Trinity teaches the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three persons/entities....
    the Hindu trinity - brahma [creator], vishnu[preserver], shiv [destroyer/transformer]
    Brahma who is said to create this domain in which everything exists....
    vishnu always takes birth/manifests on earth from time to time [to preserve it] and can be considered as the son and rest is quiet obvious....ram,jesus,krishna,buddha
    Shiva .... its the "holy spirit"

    Lord Shiva is the destroyer of the world, following Brahma the creator and Vishnu the preserver, after which Brahma again creates the world and so on. Shiva is responsible for change both in the form of death and destruction and in the positive sense of destroying the ego, the false identification with the form. This also includes the shedding of old habits and attachment

    If you read vedic texts and other such works by sages,yogis etc.... you will come to know that every human has kundalini/shakti power in the base chakra and shiva at the top of the head.... which when united together by meditation/yoga etc gives the seeker enlightenment and many powers/siddhis etc and seeker comes to know that he/she is not the body but spirit/soul or whatever .... ....+inner self ....soul.... holy spirit inside....Jesus always said the kingdom of god is within....

    jesus loves all.... who wanted to make others happy.... on the cross he even forgave those who were hurting him.... he didn't die on the cross....he is son of god .... he can't die.... god won't let his son die....have faith.... he was raised to heaven.... the kingdom of god is within..... it all makes sense if you think....he became christ....that was his rebirth.....masculine and feminine become one ........ in the end no offense to anyone if you think jesus died on the cross and was raised to the heaven....again then good .... if you think he didn't good.... i just typed what i think....
    undeadDate: Tuesday, 11-August-2015, 5:21 PM | Message # 2
    -- dragon lord--
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    even the pope hat is of fish shaped, the reason is clear from the above pic....

    just as said in the beginning of life on earth the fish carried the vishnu and
    delivered his message to save the world.. the so called elected
    pope acts like the carrier of vishnu or his message


    Mark 10:21

    Jesus looked at him and loved him. "One thing you lack," he said. "Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."


    Vishnu's first avatar in fish

    Why jesus in fish? draw your own conclusions...

    mostly all religions share the same story of a man and a flood and fish....

    manuscripts what does it means
    'handwritten scripts'? but why 'manu' scripts?

    Manu = "Satyavrata" (One with the oath of truth)

    well Manu is a title accorded to the progenitor of mankind, and also the very first king to rule this earth, who saved mankind from the universal flood.
    He was the one to give the knowledge to sages/rishis to write the first laws for humans known as 'Manusmriti' [Smriti literally "that which is remembered," refers to a specific body of Hindu religious scripture/text] In english manuscript.

    The text presents itself as a discourse given by Manu to a group of seers, or rishis, who beseech him to tell them the "law of all the social classes". All future Dharmasastras followed it and yeh corrupted it also.

    The word Man surely originates from Manu or "Manav" - Man (english) .Manav[hindi/sanskrit] means 'Human' in english.

    Aryan invasion theory - A myth -
    Vedic Physics - What ancient Indians did for us -

    Sanskrit Language: The Most Scientific, Ancient, Spiritual

    Credits: ThinkingAllowedTV
    undeadDate: Tuesday, 11-August-2015, 5:31 PM | Message # 3
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    whole vatican is Shiv linga shaped


    answer to this question is in Linga purana....

    >>The sages said, “We know that a linga is Shiva’s image. But why is Shiva worshipped in the form of a linga?”

    Lomaharshana recounted the following story.

    Many years ago, at the end of a destruction, there was water everywhere in the universe and the universe was shrouded in darkness. Vishnu slept on the water in his form of Narayana.

    Brahma discovered Vishnu sleeping thus and woke him up. Failing to recognize Vishnu, he asked, “Who are you and what are you doing here?”

    Vishnu woke up and noticed Brahma standing there. He smiled and said, “How are you, Brahma? Is everything well with my son?’

    “How dare you call me your son?’ demanded Brahma. “I am Brahma, the lord of everything. I am the creator of the universe. How dare anyone call me his son?”

    “You seem to have forgotten everything,” said Vishnu. “I am Vishnu and you were born from me. That is the reason why I addressed you as my son.”

    Brahma did not accept this and started to fight with Vishnu. While the two were thus grappling,
    a shining linga suddenly appeared. It was almost as if the linga had emerged to settle Brahma and Vishnu’s dispute. The linga rose way up into the sky and it seemed to have no beginning or end.

    “What on earth is this pillar of fire doing here?” Vishnu asked Brahma. “Let us investigate it. Why don’t you go up and see where it ends? As for me, I shall proceed downwards. Let us meet after a while and compare notes.”

    Brahma agreed to do this. He adopted the form of a swan and flew up. Vishnu adopted the form of a boar and went down. No matter how further down Vishnu went, he could find no end to the linga. Nor could Brahma discover its upper extremity.

    They returned and were amazed to find that neither had been able to find the end of the linga. They realized that they must be in the presence of a power that was greater than their own. They therefore began to pray to the linga and the sound of the mantra (incantation) om echoed all around the linga. Shiva appeared from within the linga in the form of a sage named Vedanama. He told them that it was the linga which was the origin of the universe. It was from the linga that the primordial egg (anda), the origin of the universe, had been created.

    Shiva also taught Brahma and Vishnu the sacred gayatri mantra. He told Brahma and Vishnu, “We are all three part of the same supreme brahman. Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is the preserver and I am the destroyer. Don’t fight amongst yourselves.”

    Ever since that day, Shiva has been worshipped in the form of a linga..


    still don't understand .... do a research on kundalini....



    Jewish religion symbol is of heart chakra....
    undeadDate: Tuesday, 11-August-2015, 5:36 PM | Message # 4
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    Why thomas gospel is not in bible -

    Jesus christ telling people abt kundalini - from thomas gospel -->

    Jesus said to His disciples,
    "These infants being suckled are like those who enter the

    They said to Him, "Shall we then, as children, enter the

    Jesus said to them, "When you make the two one, and when you
    make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside,
    and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the
    female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the
    female female; and when you fashion eyes in the place of an eye,
    and a hand in place of a hand, and a foot in place of a foot, and
    a likeness in place of a likeness; then will you enter [the

    When Kundalini Shakti passes beyond Ajna (Third Eye), duality (male - female) and ego cease to exist. The gross elements of the individual dissolve into the pure elements of consciousness. The person then starts creating his environment consciously ..what is inside is outside

    undeadDate: Tuesday, 11-August-2015, 5:37 PM | Message # 5
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    The fifth gospel of Thomas was written in India -

    It has not been included in the Bible, it was not available to Constantine, who was compiling, and who was deciding what was to be included and what was not to be included. It was because of him that all these ideas and mythologies and fictions have been added to the life of Jesus.

    Jesus sent Thomas to south India.

    Thomas, is the disciple closest to Jesus. But his sayings are not included in the Bible, because the real Jesus and his closest disciples have to be excluded – they are too dangerous.

    Jesus was trained in one of the oldest secret schools.
    The school was called Essenes. The teaching of the Essenes is pure Vedanta.That’s why Christians don’t have a record of what happened to Jesus before his thirtieth year.
    They have a little record of his childhood, and they have a record after his thirtieth year up to the thirty-third, when he was crucified – they know a few things.

    But a phenomenon like Jesus is not an accident; it is a long preparation, it cannot happen just any moment.
    Jesus was continuously being prepared during these thirty years.
    He was first sent to Egypt and then he came to India.

    In Egypt he learned one of the oldest traditions of secret methods, then in India he came to know about the teachings of Buddha, the Vedas, the Upanishads, and he passed through a long preparation.
    Those days are not known because Jesus worked in these schools as an unknown disciple.
    And Christians have knowingly dropped those records, because they would not like the son of God to also be a disciple of somebody else.
    They would not like the very idea that he was prepared, taught, trained – that looks humiliating.
    They think the son of God comes absolutely ready.
    If you look without, the world of the many exists; if you look within, then the world is one.

    Source - Osho – The Mustard Seed : Commentaries on the Fifth Gospel of Thomas
    undeadDate: Tuesday, 11-August-2015, 5:40 PM | Message # 6
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    Sanatana Dharma

    Sanatana Dharma regards person as a part of the Whole....
    No race or faith is superior and no color or creed is inferior.

    Everyone on earth is to learn and make his/her own way to the salvation. Those who understand the pain of others and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of others attain salvation faster.... and for those who get stuck in mortal desires, greed and all.... will stay stuck in the cycle of rebirth-deth-hell/heaven....

    because everyone is given the freedom of choice.... it doesnt matter if you call god by any name nor does it matters to which religion you belong .... whether you are christian/muslim/hindu/buddhist....
    the thing that matters is your deeds....

    Sanatan Dharma is the guideline given to humans to understand what this earth is all about .... its like a RPG game in which the one who becomes purist gains salvation [escape from the cycle of rebirth and deth] which is nothing but getting to the next spiritual level....
    will you take another human/animal's life for your own sake? or rather defend/sacrifice yourself/die ? will you inflict pain [mentally/physically] onto other beings? or rather choose to take their pain on yourself?


    ---- an Aryan/Arya (sanskrit - *noble *great *truthful) is the one who defends/protects/fights for the needy/oppressed humans irrespective of their caste/creed/race/color/religion.... and follows sanatana dharma ..

    ---- an Aryan will never harm any unarmed human/civilian, women/children, infact an arya is the one who even forgives his/her enemies.. Aryans are peace loving people who hate wars and bloodshed as they follow sanatana dharma (only fight to defend as per sanatana dharma) .... only barbarians/savages will do opposite..


    THE ETERNAL TRUTH [from garuda purana]

    Lord Brahma, while shedding light on various aspects of religion told sage Vyas that
    a man should look at his sorrows (shoka) with a sense of aloofness and
    detachment, considering it as a passing phase. He also revealed to Vyas that the
    'Fire of sorrow' consumed everything that came into its fold and nothing remained
    untouched by it. A sorrowful man becomes bereft of all his possessions-knowledge,
    religion, physical strength, patience, happiness and all such qualities.
    Lord Brahma also told him that virtuous deeds never went without being rewarded,
    as all good things enjoyed by a man in his life are nothing but the result of his
    virtuous past 'Karmas'. On the contrary sinful deeds committed by a man makes his
    present as well as his future births miserable. Further, glorifying the virtues of some
    other good deeds, Lord Brahma said-' Protecting the life of a person, whose life is
    endangered and who has sought one's refuge is the greatest virtue and no other
    deed can be compared with it. One who sheds his life to protect attains
    to heaven.
    A contented man enjoys even his adversities and remains unperturbed by them. A
    man should never miss a chance to get benefited by the company of enlightened
    souls because it gives him an opportunity to understand religion in a better way.
    Donating food begets incomparable virtues and no other virtuous deed stands
    anywhere near it.'
    Lord Brahma concluded by describing Sanatan Dharma in a nutshell and said-'
    Anybody observing the following austerities should be considered an ardent follower
    of 'Sanatan Dharma'- truth, penance, self-control, purity, forgiveness, compassion,
    knowledge and donation.

    Once, sage Shaunak asked Sutji about the reasons behind man's sorrow. Sutji told
    him that man's ego and his attachments to this mortal world were the two most
    important causes for his sorrow and until he gets rid of them he will continue to
    suffer. Sutji said-' The 'Tree of ignorance' sprouts from the seed of 'Egotism' and it
    receives its nutrition from sensual pleasures. Only those who possess the 'Axe of
    knowledge' are successful in felling this 'Tree of ignorance' and experience the
    ecstasy of Divine bliss. Once a man has experienced this divine bliss he not only
    becomes free from all kinds of sorrow but is also freed from the cycles of birth, death
    and rebirth. This divine link which a man establishes with the Almighty is called
    'Mahayoga' (The supreme Yoga). But, those unfortunate people who have not
    experienced this divine bliss continue to get trapped by the worldly illusions leading
    to their countless births and deaths.'
    Sutji then went on to describe the means by which a man can have a pure heart and
    said-' Austerities like meditation, worship, fasts, oblations, charity, etc., certainly
    helps a man in getting rid of all kinds of impurities.'

    The ultimate aim of a man's life is to attain salvation.
    A man can not attain salvation until and unless he has seen through the trappings of
    the worldly illusions. Sutji said-'Practice of Yoga helps a man to live in this world with
    a sense of detachment and to successfully avoid the allurements of this mortal
    world. Yoga comprises of six organs
    Pranayam ( Breathing exercises),
    Japa ( chanting),
    Pratyahar( restraining sense organs),
    Dharana (resolution),
    Dhyan (meditation) and
    Samadhi (deep meditation).

    Not running after sensual pleasures by having self control helps a man in
    diminishing his sins and diminishment of sins pleases the deities who give
    blessings. Blessings of deities help a man to attain salvation. Pranayam, an
    important part of Yoga is of two types-'Garbha' and 'Agarbha'. Pranayam, done with
    simultaneous chanting of a mantra is called 'Garbha' whereas in 'Agarbha'
    Pranayam mantras are not chanted.
    It is natural for a man to get attracted by worldly pleasures and checking this
    tendency of the mind is called 'Pratyahar'. It is not easy to control the mind and
    concentrate on anything for a long time but 'Dharana' helps a man to do that. When
    a man has successfully controlled his sensual desires, then it becomes very easy for
    him to concentrate his mind. A concentrated mind finds it easy to meditate. When he
    has mastered meditation it is not much difficult for him to enter into the deep state of
    meditation i.e. 'Samadhi'. In the state of 'Samadhi', all sense of dualism cease to
    exist as one establishes divine link with the Almighty, which helps him in
    experiencing indescribable divine bliss.

    Once, on being asked by sage Narad about the means that helped a man in
    attaining self realization, Lord Vishnu told him that only those privileged few who
    have understood the impermanent nature of this world and have successfully
    controlled their sensual desires can attain self realization. All the mysteries of this
    Universe are unraveled to a man of self realization and he attains salvation. Lord
    Vishnu said-' It should be the prime objective of a man to make incessant efforts so
    that he can experience this divine knowledge of self realization-the real knowledge,
    for every other kind of knowledge is superficial and of least significance.'

    Lord Vishnu went on to describe how self realization could be attained-

    When there is no desire left in the heart then a man is certain to
    experience the divine taste of this nectar (self realization) in his life time-- and there
    is no doubt about it.

    Unraveling the mystery of Universe to sage Narad, Lord Vishnu said-' 'Brahm' is the
    cause behind this universe and one who has understood this fact can be rightly
    called a man of self realization. A man being under the influence of his sensual
    perceptions falsely believes this world to be real and is unable to understand the
    real cause behind the existence of this world, which is not the case with a man of
    self realization. Instead of searching 'without' a man should seek 'within' because
    within him exists the Universe just like our sense organs perceive them externally.
    The whole mystery of Universe is unraveled to a man who makes incessant efforts
    to undertake this inner journey for if his efforts are made with a pure heart and a firm
    determination then he is sure to reach his goal of self realization one day or the
    other. The soul (Atma) is 'Brahm' but this fact becomes apparent only to those
    privileged few, who have attained self realization. Self realization illuminates the soul
    in the same way just as a lightning illuminates the dark sky at night.'
    Lord Vishnu went on to describe himself in the following words-' I am Pure and
    beyond the limits of human intelligence. I am beyond the confinement of three basic
    qualities (Satva guna, Rajas guna and Tamas guna). Only he can experience ME
    who possesses an enlightened soul because I manifest MYSELF in the heart of
    every individual as a divine effulgence in order to drive away the darkness which
    engulfs it.'

    All the five elements (space, air, water, fire and earth) are nothing but the
    manifestations of Almighty God.'

    ' Unfortunately, most of the people are unaware of the presence of divinity in themthe
    existence of 'Brahm' in each of them. The reason for this is not much difficult to
    comprehend because this fact is so subtle that only enlightened souls can
    experience it. HE lies dormant and cannot be experienced until and unless HE is
    awakened by means of austerities and penance. 'Brahm' is ever present in a man
    and does not abandon him in any of the three states of his consciousness- while he
    is awake, while he is dreaming or even while he is asleep.
    Despite being present in every individual he still remains unaffected by his deeds
    because by nature HE is eternally pure. One more reason why man is unable to feel
    the presence of 'Brahm' in himself is his own ego, with which he falsely develops
    deep association. So, a person who is desirous of realizing God must first subdue
    his ego so that 'Brahm' manifests himself in all his glory. Without subduing his 'ego'

    a man can never realize God because the sense of dualism is the greatest
    impediment in the path of God realization and 'egotism' only strengthen this sense of
    'Once man has successfully subdued his ego, the dawning of God realization
    becomes imminent because 'Brahm' now has no problem in manifesting himself in
    the changed scenario. 'Brahm' who is absolute truth, eternally pure and the supreme
    Almighty. HE is the eternal bliss dwelling in each individual- the realization which
    made the Vedas to proclaim 'Tatvam Asi'(Thou is me) and who is beyond the
    confinement of time and space.'

    Ultimately, Lord Vishnu revealed to sage Narad that 'Brahm' was none other than himself.

    More -
    undeadDate: Tuesday, 11-August-2015, 5:41 PM | Message # 7
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    Image link - open link - right click save >>
    undeadDate: Tuesday, 11-August-2015, 5:45 PM | Message # 8
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    What a strange world in which we live! The Catholic Church has always known that Christianity did not begin with Jesus Christ, but yet it tries to make us think it did.

    St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD) wrote: "This, in our day, is the Christian religion, not as having been unknown in former times, but as having recently received that name."

    Eusebius of Caesarea (circa 283-371 AD) said: "The religion of Jesus Christ is neither new nor strange."

    "Melito (a Christian bishop of Sardis) in the year 170, claims the patronage of the emperor, for the now so-called Christian religion, which he calls "our philosophy," on account of its high antiquity, has having been imported from countries lying beyond the limits of the Roman empire, in the region of his ancestor Augustus, who found the importation ominous of good fortune to his government." This is an absolute demonstration that Christianity did not originate in Judea, which was a Roman province, but really was an exotic oriental fable, imported from India, and that Paul was doing as he claimed, viz: preaching a God manifest in the flesh who had been "believed in the world" centuries before his time, and a doctrine which had already been preached "unto every creature under heaven." (Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions; T. W. Doane, p. 409.)

    Stephen Van Eck writes: "Then there is the Hindu epic, the Bhagavad-Gita, a story of the second person of the Hindu Trinity, who took human form as Krishna. Some have considered him a model for the Christ, and it's hard to argue against that when he says things like:

    * 'I am the beginning, the middle, and the end' (BG 10:20 vs. Rev. 1:8 ).
    * His advent was heralded by a pious old man named Asita, who could die happy knowing of his arrival, a story paralleling that of Simeon in Luke 2:25 .
    * Krishna's mission was to give directions to 'the kingdom of God' (BG 2:72), and he warned of 'stumbling blocks' along the way (BG 3:34; 1 Cor. 1:23 ; Rev. 2:14).
    * The essential thrust of Krishna's sayings, uttered to a beloved disciple, sometimes seems to coincide with Jesus or the Bible. Compare: 'those who are wise lament neither for the living nor the dead' (BG 2:11) with the sense of Jesus' advice to 'let the dead bury their own dead' (Matt. 8:22 ).
    * Krishna's saying, 'I envy no man, nor am I partial to anyone; I am equal to all' (BG 9:29) is a lot like the idea that God is no respecter of persons (Rom. 2:11 ; see also Matt. 6:45 ).
    * And 'one who is equal to friends and enemies... is very dear to me' (BG 12:18) is reminiscent of 'love your enemies' (Matt. 5:44 ).
    * Krishna also said that 'by human calculation, a thousand ages taken together is the duration of Brahma's one day' (BG 8:17), which is very similar to 2 Peter 3:8.

    Walter Raymond Drake (1913 - 1989) -
    The Dead Sea Scrolls surprise us by not mentioning Christ or Christianity, the Essene teachings suggest that some of the Christian doctrine originated a century earlier. Nothing is gleamed of Christ from contemporary sources, surprising in an age of classic writers; almost all we know of Him is from Church written by imaginatives decades later. Perhaps Christianity is a Myth necessary to the evolution and inspiration of man during the lost Piscean age? Man’s questing soul soars beyond the dogmatic creeds of yesterday to the cosmic religion of tomorrow.
    The oldest source of wisdom in the world must surely spring from India , whose initiates long ago probed the secrets of heaven, the story of Earth, the depths of Man’s soul, and propounded those sublime thoughts which illumined the Magi of Babylon, inspired the philosophers of Greece and worked their subtle influence on the religions of the West. "
    undeadDate: Tuesday, 11-August-2015, 5:50 PM | Message # 9
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    A very interesting documentary which deals with aryan invasion theory fabrication, and explaining vedic Indian discoveries covering mathematics and physics, what newton, pythagorus and many others discovered was already had been found by ancient Indians hundred of years ago but credit for that was not given due to racial discrimination.

    A global conspiracy to discredit the source !

    who taught the west the number system? Ancient Indians shared it with the persian,arabs which passed it on, romans first didn't used this number system as it was too much complicated for many people....
    for a fast recall abt this you can watch story of 1 by terry jones....or other BBC documentaries - what ancient did for us - Indians - how anicent Indians were adept in yoga and plastic surgery and such stuff....
    .... everyone wanted to be like the aryas (arya sanskrit - noble, pure) because they were so much advanced and spiritual .... and they will always say that oh this came from romans this came from egyptians blah blah but never will tell the source....

    The word "arya" is taken from sanskrit and "arya" is also one of the 108 names of goddess "Durga

    In Ramayana (Valmiki), Rama is described as an Arya in the following words: Arya-who cared for equality for all and was dear to everyone.

    Aryan invasion theory - A myth -
    Vedic Physics - What ancient Indians did for us -
    undeadDate: Tuesday, 11-August-2015, 6:24 PM | Message # 10
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    What Are You Having For Dinner? go veg -


    Chakra Meditation / Kundalini Yoga/ healing कुण्डलिनी योग -
    undeadDate: Sunday, 30-August-2015, 1:29 PM | Message # 11
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    In fact Jesus never died on the cross. It takes at least forty-eight hours for a person to die on the Jewish cross; and there have been known cases where people have existed almost six days on the cross without dying. Because Jesus was taken down from the cross after only six hours, there is no possibility of his dying on the cross. It was a conspiracy between a rich sympathizer of Jesus and Pontius Pilate to crucify Jesus as late as possible on Friday – because on Saturday, Jews stop everything; their Sabbath does not allow any act. By the evening of Friday everything stops.

    The arrangement was that Jesus would be crucified late in the afternoon, so before sunset he would be brought down. He might have been unconscious because so much blood had flowed out of the body, but he was not dead. Then he would be kept in a cave, and before the Sabbath ended and the Jews hung him again, his body would be stolen by his followers. The tomb was found empty, and Jesus was removed from Judea as quickly as possible. As he again became healthy and healed, he moved to India and he lived a long life – one hundred and twelve years – in Kashmir.

    Osho, Beyond Psychology, Talk #13


    Jesus was a totally enlightened being. This phenomenon of resurrection as far as Christian dogma is concerned seems inconceivable, but not for yoga. Yoga believes – and there are ample proofs of it – that a person can totally die without dying. The heart stops, the pulse stops, the breathing stops – yoga even has methods that teach this. In India we know that Jesus must have practiced some deep yogic exercise when he was put on the cross because if the body really dies, there is no possibility of resurrection.

    When those who had crucified Jesus felt that he was dead, his body was brought down from the cross and given to his followers. Then, after wrapping the body in thin muslin and an ointment, which even to this day is known as the “ointment of Jesus,” two of his followers, Joseph and Nicodemus, removed the body to a cave, the mouth of which they blocked with a huge boulder.

    There is one sect, the Essenes, that has its own tradition about it. It is said that Essene followers helped Jesus to recover from his wounds. When he was seen again, because his followers could not believe that he was the same Jesus who had been crucified, the only way – and this is recorded in The Bible – was to show them his healed wounds. Those wounds were healed by the Essenes, and the healing took place during the three days when Jesus remained in the cave recovering from his ordeal. Then, when the wounds were healed, he disappeared. The huge boulder at the mouth of the cave had been rolled away and the cave was found vacant.

    Jesus was not there! It is this disappearance of Jesus from the cave that has led to the common theory of his resurrection and ascent to heaven.

    But after he had shown himself to his disciples he had to disappear from the country, because if he had remained there he would have been crucified again. He went to India into which, one tradition says, a tribe of the Jews had disappeared.

    The famous French historian, Bernier, who visited India during the reign of Aurangzeb, wrote: “On entering the kingdom after crossing the Pir Panjal Pass, the inhabitants of the frontier villages struck me as resembling the Jews.”

    Yes, Kashmiris really do look Jewish – in their faces, in their every expression. Wherever you move in Kashmir, you feel that you are moving in a Jewish land. It is thought that Jesus came to Kashmir because it was a Jewish land in India – a tribe of Jews was living there. There are many stories in Kashmir about Jesus, but one has to go there to discover them.
    The crucifixion changed Jesus’ mind totally. From then on, he lived in India for seventy years continuously, in complete silence – unknown, hidden. He was not a prophet, he was not a minister, he was not a preacher. That is why not much is known about him.

    Christianity lacks much. Even about Jesus it lacks much. His whole life is not known: what he practiced, how he meditated is not known. The Christian apostles who recorded what he said were ignorant people: they never knew much. One was a fisherman, another was a carpenter. All twelve apostles were ignorant.
    The apostles didn’t understand what Jesus was doing when he went to the hills and was silent for forty days. They only recorded that it happened and that when he came back again, he began preaching. But what was he doing there? Nothing is known – nothing.

    Osho, The Great Challenge, Talk #9


    There has been a long tradition of pathology in Christianity. The Christians say Jesus never laughed. Now this is utter nonsense! I say to you that Christ laughed his whole life; only he can laugh. Who else? But Christians say he never laughed. They want to depict him very sad, very burdened. They project their sadness onto Jesus, they project their misery onto Jesus. Jesus becomes a screen, and you go on projecting your mind onto him. Jesus laughed, enjoyed, loved. If you go into the Gospels without your prejudices, you will find it. How can you think otherwise about a man who was having parties, eating well, moving with women, drinking – yes, wine was not unknown to him, he loved it. He was a very very happy man. A man who drinks, eats well, loves eating, loves friends – it is impossible to conceive that he never laughed. But Christians have depicted Jesus according to their own projection. The projection is of their misery. And then Jesus becomes just an excuse to be sad, to be miserable. That’s why in the church there is no laughter, no joy, no celebration.

    Churches have become graveyards. And it is not accidental that the cross has become the symbol. It should not be the symbol.

    I can understand your difficulties, particularly Chintana’s difficulties. She says: “What am I to do with the Jesus I thought I knew and loved for so long?”

    You have not known Jesus.

    Through me there is a possibility to know Jesus. If you are courageous enough, you can know Jesus for the first time. Because you can know Jesus only through a man who has attained to Christ-consciousness. A Krishna can be known only through a man who has attained to Krishna-consciousness. And they are the same thing: Krishna-consciousness. Christ-consciousness, Buddha-consciousness – the transcendental.

    You cannot understand Jesus through a priest. He himself has not known. He has read, he has thought, he has contemplated, he has speculated, philosophized. Yes, he has a very cultivated mind, he knows the scripture; but to know the scripture is not to know Jesus. To know Jesus you will have to know your innermost nothingness. Without knowing it you cannot make anybody else acquainted with Jesus.

    Osho, I Say Unto You, Vol. 1, Talk #2
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    In various Hindu traditions, Manu, is a title accorded to the progenitor of mankind, who saved mankind from the great Flood, after being warned of it by the Matsya avatar of Lord Vishnu. Matsya Avatar is the first among the Dasavatar Lord Vishnu.

    Manu was the king of Dravida (South India) or King of Kumari Kandam before the great flood. He was a righteous man, who sought truth. Because Manu was absolutely honest, he was also known as Satyavrata (“One with the oath of truth”).

    The Biblical flood compared with the Vedic flood.

    As we compare the biblical account with that of the ancient Vedic account we can note the following features of the flood stories in common between the two accounts.

    Mankind in a corrupt state
    Both were commanded by the God
    Both Noah and Manu built the Ark
    Both stories talk about the great flood
    A Righteous man is given Divine warning
    Animals were brought on board the vessel to repopulate the world after the flood
    The Vessel lands on a high mountain after the flood
    Both has three sons
    Mankind today descends from Noah or Manu


    Manu, Noah and Human Etymology

    Since Manu was the father of all post-flood mankind, so his descended are called Manavas or Manush. In Sanskrit, the name ‘Manu‘ appropriately came to mean “man” or “mankind“.

    The English word ‘man‘ is thus also related to the Sanskrit “manu“. If we look into the derivation of the English word ‘man’, it comes from proto-Germanic. Etymologists tell us that this ancient Germanic word ‘Mannus’ is a derivation of the Proto-Indo-European “manuh”. Another Sanskrit form, ‘manusa‘ is closely related to the Swedish “manniska“, both words meaning “human being”. ‘Mannus’ was also the name of the Lithuanian Noah.

    The same name may even be reflected in the Egyptian ‘Menes’ (founder of the first dynasty of Egypt) and ‘Minos’ (founder and first king of Crete). ‘Minos‘ was also said in Greek mythology to be the son of Zeus and ruler of the sea.

    In Japan, ‘manu‘ became “maru,” a word which is included in the name of most Japanese ships.

    In the Sioux language, it took the form ‘minne’, meaning “water.” Thus, ‘Minneapolis’ means “city of water,” ‘Minnesota‘ means “sky blue water,” etc.

    The original Sanskrit word for “ship” is ‘nau’ and ‘Nau-kha‘, which later passed into our English word, navy, nautical, nausea (sea sickness). This word could very well be still another variant of “Noah,” the first master shipbuilder.

    It would seem that the convergence between these two ancient accounts is too strong to be due simply to chance. Perhaps one account borrowed from the other? It is highly probable that Noah and Manu were thus the same individual.

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    They Theorized Gravity Way Before The Western World

    The verse 10.22.14 of Rig Veda says:

    “This earth is devoid of hands and legs, yet it moves ahead. All the objects over the earth also move with it. It moves around the sun”.

    They Knew The Speed Of Light Way Before The Rest Of The World Knew It

    A Vedic scholar by the name of Sayana discovered the speed of light back in the 14th century AD.

    His quote which translates to:

    “With deep respect, I bow to the sun, who travels 2,202 yojanas in half a nimesha.”

    A yojana is approximately 9 miles; a nimesha is 16/75 of a second.

    So, 2,202 yojanas x 9 miles x 75/8 nimeshas = 185,794 miles per second which is remarkably equal to the actual value of 186 282.397 miles per second.

    They Knew The Science Behind Eclipses When The Rest Of The World Was Scared Thinking Eclipses Are Caused By Some Sort Of Black Magic

    Rig Veda 5.40.5 has a phrase which translates to:

    “O Sun! When you are blocked by the one whom you gifted your own light (moon), then earth will be surprised by the sudden darkness.”

    This is a remarkably accurate description of a solar eclipse.

    The Vedas’ detailed descriptions of the universe, planets, and other phenomena demonstrates the vast knowledge of the people of those times far before modern civilization even started to exist.

    Nikola Tesla Took Inspiration From Swamy Vivenakanda And Indian Vedas For His World Acclaimed Work

    After his lab was burned down and his life’s work had vanished. Nikola Tesla studied the concept of Prana and Akasha to work on FORCE and MATTER. He developed a new perspective on the world and started viewing world in terms of frequencies and energy which resulted in him establishing his concepts on energy.

    We intended to write this article not to take sides or argue against anyone’s beliefs but only to give a small idea on the intensity of the knowledge and imagination of our ancestors.

    They even had the concept of sustainable energy, projectile science, and many others like Thrust, momentum, Thermodynamics, Astrophysics etc to name a few.

    They Measured The Circumference Of The Earth

    Brahmagupta in the 7th century CE proposed that the circumference of the Earth to be 36,000 km, which is close to the actual figure of 40,075 km, with an error margin of 1%.

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