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    Sanātana Dharma - Aryan - Arya
    ManuDate: Friday, 03-December-2010, 2:56 AM | Message # 1
    --dragon lord--
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    ---- an Aryan/Arya (sanskrit - *noble *great *truthful) is the one who defends/protects/fights for the needy/oppressed humans irrespective of their caste/creed/race/color/religion....

    ---- an Aryan will never harm any unarmed human/civilian, women/children, infact an arya is the one who even forgives his/her enemies.. Aryans are peace loving people who hate wars and bloodshed ....

    krnvanto visvam aryam - "Make all of us in the universe arya, noble" (Rig Veda 9.63.5)

    asyAM saMsadi sarvasyAM kSattAraM pUjayAmyahaM
    vRTTena hi bhavatyAryo na dhanena na vidyayA

    "Person's behavior, not learning or wealth, determines if he can be called an Arya." (Mahabharata 5.88.52)


    THE ETERNAL TRUTH [from garuda purana]

    Lord Brahma, while shedding light on various aspects of religion told sage Vyas that
    a man should look at his sorrows (shoka) with a sense of aloofness and
    detachment, considering it as a passing phase. He also revealed to Vyas that the
    'Fire of sorrow' consumed everything that came into its fold and nothing remained
    untouched by it. A sorrowful man becomes bereft of all his possessions-knowledge,
    religion, physical strength, patience, happiness and all such qualities.
    Lord Brahma also told him that virtuous deeds never went without being rewarded,
    as all good things enjoyed by a man in his life are nothing but the result of his
    virtuous past 'Karmas'. On the contrary sinful deeds committed by a man makes his
    present as well as his future births miserable. Further, glorifying the virtues of some
    other good deeds, Lord Brahma said-' Protecting the life of a person, whose life is
    endangered and who has sought one's refuge is the greatest virtue and no other
    deed can be compared with it. One who sheds his life to protect attains
    to heaven.
    A contented man enjoys even his adversities and remains unperturbed by them. A
    man should never miss a chance to get benefited by the company of enlightened
    souls because it gives him an opportunity to understand religion in a better way.
    Donating food begets incomparable virtues and no other virtuous deed stands
    anywhere near it.'
    Lord Brahma concluded by describing Sanatan Dharma in a nutshell and said-'
    Anybody observing the following austerities should be considered an ardent follower
    of 'Sanatan Dharma'- truth, penance, self-control, purity, forgiveness, compassion,
    knowledge and donation.

    Once, sage Shaunak asked Sutji about the reasons behind man's sorrow. Sutji told
    him that man's ego and his attachments to this mortal world were the two most
    important causes for his sorrow and until he gets rid of them he will continue to
    suffer. Sutji said-' The 'Tree of ignorance' sprouts from the seed of 'Egotism' and it
    receives its nutrition from sensual pleasures. Only those who possess the 'Axe of
    knowledge' are successful in felling this 'Tree of ignorance' and experience the
    ecstasy of Divine bliss. Once a man has experienced this divine bliss he not only
    becomes free from all kinds of sorrow but is also freed from the cycles of birth, death
    and rebirth. This divine link which a man establishes with the Almighty is called
    'Mahayoga' (The supreme Yoga). But, those unfortunate people who have not
    experienced this divine bliss continue to get trapped by the worldly illusions leading
    to their countless births and deaths.'
    Sutji then went on to describe the means by which a man can have a pure heart and
    said-' Austerities like meditation, worship, fasts, oblations, charity, etc., certainly
    helps a man in getting rid of all kinds of impurities.'

    The ultimate aim of a man's life is to attain salvation.
    A man can not attain salvation until and unless he has seen through the trappings of
    the worldly illusions. Sutji said-'Practice of Yoga helps a man to live in this world with
    a sense of detachment and to successfully avoid the allurements of this mortal
    world. Yoga comprises of six organs
    Pranayam ( Breathing exercises),
    Japa ( chanting),
    Pratyahar( restraining sense organs),
    Dharana (resolution),
    Dhyan (meditation) and
    Samadhi (deep meditation).

    Not running after sensual pleasures by having self control helps a man in
    diminishing his sins and diminishment of sins pleases the deities who give
    blessings. Blessings of deities help a man to attain salvation. Pranayam, an
    important part of Yoga is of two types-'Garbha' and 'Agarbha'. Pranayam, done with
    simultaneous chanting of a mantra is called 'Garbha' whereas in 'Agarbha'
    Pranayam mantras are not chanted.
    It is natural for a man to get attracted by worldly pleasures and checking this
    tendency of the mind is called 'Pratyahar'. It is not easy to control the mind and
    concentrate on anything for a long time but 'Dharana' helps a man to do that. When
    a man has successfully controlled his sensual desires, then it becomes very easy for
    him to concentrate his mind. A concentrated mind finds it easy to meditate. When he
    has mastered meditation it is not much difficult for him to enter into the deep state of
    meditation i.e. 'Samadhi'. In the state of 'Samadhi', all sense of dualism cease to
    exist as one establishes divine link with the Almighty, which helps him in
    experiencing indescribable divine bliss.

    Once, on being asked by sage Narad about the means that helped a man in
    attaining self realization, Lord Vishnu told him that only those privileged few who
    have understood the impermanent nature of this world and have successfully
    controlled their sensual desires can attain self realization. All the mysteries of this
    Universe are unraveled to a man of self realization and he attains salvation. Lord
    Vishnu said-' It should be the prime objective of a man to make incessant efforts so
    that he can experience this divine knowledge of self realization-the real knowledge,
    for every other kind of knowledge is superficial and of least significance.'

    Lord Vishnu went on to describe how self realization could be attained-

    When there is no desire left in the heart then a man is certain to
    experience the divine taste of this nectar (self realization) in his life time-- and there
    is no doubt about it.

    Unraveling the mystery of Universe to sage Narad, Lord Vishnu said-' 'Brahm' is the
    cause behind this universe and one who has understood this fact can be rightly
    called a man of self realization. A man being under the influence of his sensual
    perceptions falsely believes this world to be real and is unable to understand the
    real cause behind the existence of this world, which is not the case with a man of
    self realization. Instead of searching 'without' a man should seek 'within' because
    within him exists the Universe just like our sense organs perceive them externally.
    The whole mystery of Universe is unraveled to a man who makes incessant efforts
    to undertake this inner journey for if his efforts are made with a pure heart and a firm
    determination then he is sure to reach his goal of self realization one day or the
    other. The soul (Atma) is 'Brahm' but this fact becomes apparent only to those
    privileged few, who have attained self realization. Self realization illuminates the soul
    in the same way just as a lightning illuminates the dark sky at night.'
    Lord Vishnu went on to describe himself in the following words-' I am Pure and
    beyond the limits of human intelligence. I am beyond the confinement of three basic
    qualities (Satva guna, Rajas guna and Tamas guna). Only he can experience ME
    who possesses an enlightened soul because I manifest MYSELF in the heart of
    every individual as a divine effulgence in order to drive away the darkness which
    engulfs it.'

    All the five elements (space, air, water, fire and earth) are nothing but the
    manifestations of Almighty God.'

    ' Unfortunately, most of the people are unaware of the presence of divinity in themthe
    existence of 'Brahm' in each of them. The reason for this is not much difficult to
    comprehend because this fact is so subtle that only enlightened souls can
    experience it. HE lies dormant and cannot be experienced until and unless HE is
    awakened by means of austerities and penance. 'Brahm' is ever present in a man
    and does not abandon him in any of the three states of his consciousness- while he
    is awake, while he is dreaming or even while he is asleep.
    Despite being present in every individual he still remains unaffected by his deeds
    because by nature HE is eternally pure. One more reason why man is unable to feel
    the presence of 'Brahm' in himself is his own ego, with which he falsely develops
    deep association. So, a person who is desirous of realizing God must first subdue
    his ego so that 'Brahm' manifests himself in all his glory. Without subduing his 'ego'

    a man can never realize God because the sense of dualism is the greatest
    impediment in the path of God realization and 'egotism' only strengthen this sense of
    'Once man has successfully subdued his ego, the dawning of God realization
    becomes imminent because 'Brahm' now has no problem in manifesting himself in
    the changed scenario. 'Brahm' who is absolute truth, eternally pure and the supreme
    Almighty. HE is the eternal bliss dwelling in each individual- the realization which
    made the Vedas to proclaim 'Tatvam Asi'(Thou is me) and who is beyond the
    confinement of time and space.'

    Ultimately, Lord Vishnu revealed to sage Narad that 'Brahm' was none other than himself.

    More -
    aryaDate: Friday, 29-April-2011, 4:46 PM | Message # 2
    --dragon lord--
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