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    Forum » General » PC games reviews / videos » Postal II - Share The Pain (Postal)
    Postal II - Share The Pain
    darkDate: Sunday, 21-March-2010, 9:13 AM | Message # 1
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    Postal II - Share The Pain desitarra

    Share the Pain is largely the same as before. Rather than adopt the conventionally linear structure of most first-person shooters, Postal 2 has a more open-ended structure reminiscent of the recent Grand Theft Auto games, only you're stuck running around on foot. The cars lining the streets are apparently just there to mock you. baaamm

    Mechanically, Postal 2 plays like a straightforward first-person shooter. There's a pretty conventional array of weapons to collect, and you don't even have to worry about reloading these, though you'll instead need to be careful about brandishing them in public. Some of the later weapons are more interesting, such as the napalm launcher and, everyone's favorite, the diseased cow head. But the citizens of Paradise never pose much of a challenge and are usually content to just stand there and get their heads blown off. Some rag-doll physics and even a Max Payne 2-style slow-motion power-up can make the gory action entertainingly over-the-top for a while, but it's probably too simple to hold anyone's interest for long. dwarf

    Postal 2 still looks quite good, at least when you're running around outdoors, and the game's characters have a decent range of expressions and animations. Plus, in classic Duke Nukem 3D style, there are lots of sight gags to be found. Indoors, the game doesn't look as attractive, and here you'll notice that the level architecture is very simple and a lot of texture maps are overused. Not that it really matters. The game's audio is also rather mixed, since not only does The Postal Dude just not sound right, but a lot of the game's weapons sound rather underpowered, which is surprising for a game that features plenty of gratuitous violence yehaaaa

    Postal 2: Share the Pain certainly isn't a bad game. It at least tries to put a slightly original twist on first-person shooters by letting you explore (and open fire) at your leisure, and there's simply a lot of stuff to see in Paradise. The multiplayer portion of Share the Pain is OK, too, though it probably would have had more of an impact had it been included with the original version of Postal 2. In fact, it may seem strange to put it this way, but Postal 2: Share the Pain is the game that Postal 2 probably should have been in the first place.



    Forum » General » PC games reviews / videos » Postal II - Share The Pain (Postal)
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