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Thursday, 18-July-2019

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    Tourist's lucky guess cracks safe code on first try - Forum

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    Forum » Main » World News » Tourist's lucky guess cracks safe code on first try
    Tourist's lucky guess cracks safe code on first try
    ManuDate: Friday, 21-June-2019, 1:03 PM | Message # 1
    --dragon lord--
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    A Canadian man unlocked a safe that had sat unopened in a small museum for decades, cracking the code on his first try with a lucky guess.

    Stephen Mills was visiting the Vermilion Heritage Museum with his family when he had a go at opening the iron box "for a laugh".

    The museum in the province of Alberta had previously tried numerous times to unlock the old safe - to no avail.

    The safe had not been opened since the late 1970s.

    The museum, housed in an old brick school building, hosts a collection on the history of Vermilion, a town of just over 4,000 people.

    Mr Mills, from Fort McMurray, Alberta, was visiting Vermilion with his extended family during a long weekend in May.

    "When we go camping every summer, we've come to learn that every small town, no matter where you go, has something to offer," he told the BBC.

    So the family brought the children to see the museum and was given a tour by volunteer Tom Kibblewhite.

    One of the exhibits was a safe that had originally been in the town's Brunswick Hotel, which had opened in 1906.

    The safe itself is believed to have been bought in 1907.

    It was donated to the museum in the early 1990s after the hotel changed ownership and was renovated.

    Mr Mills said when they were shown the safe, the whole family "was intrigued".

    How did he do it?
    The museum had previously enlisted the help of experts to crack the code, tried default combinations, and had contacted former hotel employees to see if they could help.

    Like the Mills family, other museum visitors played around with trying to open it, with no success.

    Read more/source/full article -

    Forum » Main » World News » Tourist's lucky guess cracks safe code on first try
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