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    Buildings collapse into raging floodwaters in China - Forum

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    Forum moderator: arya, dethalternate  
    Forum » untoten.reich » World News » Buildings collapse into raging floodwaters in China (video)
    Buildings collapse into raging floodwaters in China
    ManuDate: Friday, 12-July-2013, 9:12 PM | Message # 1
    --dragon lord--
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    More than two hundred people have died as a result of torrential rains in China which have caused buildings to collapse.

    The provinces of Sichuan and Shandong have been badly affected where firefighters have had to rescue stranded people.

    One farmer in Shandong was on her way to sell watermelons when she became trapped by a fast-flowing river. She was dragged to safety with ropes after she was forced to perch precariously on the top of her fruit-trailer.

    Amateur video of buildings collapsing in Sichuan has emerged.

    Dozens of people fled a factory in Shifang County as the waters came. The next day it had washed away with one official saying a man was now missing after being on the roof.

    Four other miners remain unaccounted for.

    A mudslide poured down a mountainside in Wenchuan, submerging 350 homes and rushing past more than 2,000 others.

    More bad weather is forecast as typhoon Soulik is set to hit land on Saturday after striking Taiwan.
    Report by Ashley Fudge.

    Forum » untoten.reich » World News » Buildings collapse into raging floodwaters in China (video)
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